Update: Svenskeren fined and suspended from Worlds

Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen has been fined and suspended by Riot Games from his first three World Championship games in Taiwan. His team, “SK Gaming”, issued an official apology yesterday, but took no actions against Johnsen.

According to a release from Riot today, Johnsen attended a cultural sensitivity briefing upon arriving in Taiwan, but still created the username “Taipeichingchong”. He has violated the rule on discrimination, and has been fined a total of US$2500.

Johnsen plays in the jungling position for SK Gaming. SK will need to find a replacement for Johnsen, as their competition begins on Saturday.


Only $2.5k US, even after multiple offences? Whatever, I hope SK loses all their games. They didn’t do anything about the guy besides issuing a statement to cover their backsides, so I’m pretty sure they’re not really all that upset about his behaviours (with the exception of bad PR).

Pro LoL player angers many with racially-charged handle

A professional e-sports player changed his username to a racist slur, angering natives and non-locals. Dennis Johnsen, more widely known as “Svenskeren”, was invited to play with his team “SK Gaming” in Taipei, Taiwan as part of the League of Legends World Championships. SK Gaming is based in Europe, and plays mainly on the EU West servers.

On the Taiwanese servers, Johnsen changed his handle from “Jo_Denn” to “Taipeichingchong”, inciting outrage from ethnically East-Asian players and fans from not only Taiwan, but all over the world.

The words “ching chong” have long been regarded as insulting and disrespectful by Asian immigrants. They have been used to bully ethnic Asians, especially in communities where they are a small minority.

Upon discovering the new handle, many people immediately petitioned Riot, the creator of League of Legends, to ban Johnsen for his behaviour, calling it “racist” and “discriminatory”. Johnsen has since apologised for his actions, and has altered his name once again. He is now playing as “SvenskerenOxO”.

This is not the first instance where Johnsen has used inflammatory and insensitive language. Several months ago, he was reported to have typed anti-semitic insults in a post-game chat screen, and many others who have played with or against him have mentioned that he is “toxic”

The World Championships competition is divided into four groups, with four teams each group. SK Gaming is the third seed in their group.They will compete against Team SoloMid, StarHorn Royal Club, and Taipei Assassins. This group will begin their competition starting September 20. The winners will advance to the quarterfinal round, which will be held in Busan, Korea starting October 3.

My commentary:

I’m pretty sure that his apology is totally fake, the kind where he says sorry only because he got caught and not because he actually feels bad about his actions. Why hasn’t Riot done anything about this? It gives them a terrible name, honestly.

Also, I’m just using this opportunity to practise my “journalistic” writing. I’m a noob! I can’t think of a headline and my lead sucks, but I’m sure I’ll get better at this with more practise.

I haven’t been on the Internet lately (especially the Steam Store) - I’ve drastically cut my redditing and the such, so I’m terribly late to the party:


I just opened the Steam store to browse what’s new and trendy and my eyes were caught by this cover art. It was oddly familiar and incredibly beautiful, so if course I had to click to check it out.

Lo and behold, it is a new game created by the developers of Bastion, Supergiant Games!

Released on 21 May (a week and a half ago), this game is another 2,5 dimensional action RPG full of adventure and rich storytelling. Logan Cunningham, the voice actor of Bastion’s Rucks, is back, too.

I haven’t bought the game yet, but the reviews say that combat is different from Bastion and people love it. Metacritic gives the game an 83/100.

I can’t wait until I have the American dollars to buy this game.

In regards to my last post about my LoL fanfic for my student, maybe I should post each section as I write it (once a week) until it’s done. Each section is pretty short (no more than an A4 sheet in length) because he is, after all, still in primary school. I’ll have to apologise now for some of the wording; I have to keep the vocabulary simple enough that he doesn’t get stuck trudging through stuff he can’t read, but still have some words he doesn’t know so he can learn new words.

Then, when this story concludes, maybe I’ll write an Elder Scrolls fanfic for him. I can post each part of that as they roll out as well.

I tutor kids in English as part-time freelance work here in Hong Kong. I write a new, customised lesson each week for each of my students, and I make sure every lesson has proofreading, vocabulary, writing, and reading comprehension practise.

I’m writing an episodic League of Legends fan-fiction for my Wednesday P4 student, and I end each section with a cliffhanger.

Last week, my student asked if I wrote more of the story, and he was greatly disappointed that it was a little shorter than usual this week.

I never would have guessed that I’d be writing any kind of fanfic, especially for LoL of all games… normally I’d be embarrassed and ashamed that I’ve stooped to such a level, but not this time. My student loves it, and that’s all that matters.


Once, as a kid, I was taking a long plane ride somewhere and grew incredibly bored. I asked the flight attendants for a pack of cards, which they gladly provided for free (nobody does this any more). I thought I’d play a little Solitaire on the plane.

I quickly learned that this was an incredibly obnoxious game to play with physical cards. In fact, any of the card games you get with any Windows OS is terrible in real life.

Your cards take more space than you expect (table trays are so spacious), they slide around when you stack them (turbulence was great), your stacks of red and black never line up properly (which row does this card belong to?), and your hands are just so full of cards that you can’t even stack stacks because they just fall all over the place.

Solitaire was so bad that I can’t imagine trying to do this with Freecell.

Enjoy your computer-assisted single player card games. Seriously. Technology is awesome.

Update: Svenskeren fined and suspended from Worlds
Pro LoL player angers many with racially-charged handle


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