Artist: DJ Okawari
Label: Libyus Music
Album: Diorama
Year: 2008
Track: Tayutau

Genre: Instrumental Hip Hop

Japanese DJ from Shizuoka. You can tell he has got a little bit of a Nujabes influence. Strong Asian flavours, uses a lot of piano/keyboard, and draws from some ‘nature’ samples to create the mood.

His second full album, Mirror, has more vocals than this album and is a little more jazzy. There are a couple tracks here and there that basically sound the same, but overall still a good listen if you’re trying to relax with some nice beats. I’ll do a critique of Mirror in another post.

He’s got a few more releases that are a couple tracks each, which are also featured in the full-length albums (just with separate covers), and a mix done for Libyus Music with tracks by Fat Jon, Force of Nature, and some others as well. 

I love the cover art for all of his records. Here’s the cover for Diorama:


Track List:

01.Evening Comes
02.Chocolate with agehah
03.Bluebird Story with Jumelles
05.Colors of Life
07.One for U
08.Aurora with Eri Kamiya
09.Coffee Break
10.Crescent Moon
12.Silent Night
13.Animal Forest
14.Times Fusion

To be honest, I like most of this album a lot, but it has been a long time since I’ve listened to this again, so I can’t single anything out in particular for you even though I’ve just gone through the whole album again. That said, it is much easier to spot out the things I don’t like about the album, as I will proceed to do (and oddly enough, they’re both tracks with vocals).

"Chocolate" featuring agehah is for the most part a goodtrack. I just find it a little weird, maybe because agehah says some things like "Your mother loves me, your father loves me" near the opening of the track (and a couple other places), and sometimes she sounds like she’s out of breath. Maybe that’s just her style, I don’t know.

Also on this album, the track “Aurora” featuring Eri Kamiya has a melody that is ridiculously repetitive, and it starts to grind a bit. Yes, hip hop is repetitive at times, but it’s not a broken record. I can’t sit through more than a minute of this 5-minute track.

Overall, this is a good record if you want something to relax to and use as background music, but I don’t think it’s really hard enough to jam to, and it doesn’t stand out in any particular way. It’s still nice and easy listening.

If you’re having trouble finding his other tracks, here’s a Grooveshark link. His website is Happy listening!

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